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The Lycan King's Muse

Widowed and pregnant, Mars is one of the last few fertile female werewolves in the world, and now the alpha wants her to breed his lineage. This would mean death to her unborn baby. To save herself and her baby's life, she runs away from her pack. But as she races through the forest, she stumbles upon a wounded Lyall, the Lycan King, who turns out to be her second chance mate. “Are you lost, werewolf girl?” he asks her. Cursed to be cold-hearted and devoid of feelings, Lyall never thought he would find his fated mate by chance. He saves her from her own pack and offers her a proposition laced with a threat: “I will give you 365 days to make me feel. Make me fall in love with you. Move my emotions,” he says in a deep tone. “The moment I feel nothing about you, I will return you to your pack. But if you can make me fall in love with you, I will fight the werewolves to let you stay.”

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